Fan Review #1
For starters, James' portrayal of Javert was the best I have ever seen, and I am being completely genuine. I was blown away by his version of Stars - which has always been one of the highlights of the show for me and which, by the way, got about 3 minutes of applause before the show could continue. But also, James' characterization of the role was close to perfect. When he was Javert the police officer, he stood straight and tall, and his movements were very controlled and military. But when he became the spy at the barricade, he significantly changed his posture and movements to be more loose and casual to "blend in" with the rebellious students. Brilliant.
But what really impressed me was that James accomplished something with his portrayal of Javert that is really hard to pull off:  He took a character who is usually perceived as the "villian" of the show and made him more human, dynamic, respectable and - dare I say? protagonistic to the watcher.  The audience finds itself wincing sympathetically when his espionage is exposed at the barricade (that is, until the adorable Gavroche makes a certain "gesture" to him that will probably cause you to laugh uncontrollably) or when Jean Valjean, for that one instant, holds the knife at his throat.  And in a way, Javert's suicide becomes as tragic as Eponine's or Jean Valjean's death at the end.  James himself told me after the show that he didn't hear any boos or hisses during the performance - well James, there's a good reason for that!
I don't believe that either Victor Hugo (the original author of Les Miserables, for the non-literary among us) or the brains behind the musical wanted Javert to be seen as the villian.  And with James' brilliant portrayal, "at the end of the day" you don't hate him after all.  And I have tremendous respect and admiration for any actor who can accomplish that.
Thank you James, for a wonderful and memorable experience.  I noticed y'all are coming to Huntsville, Alabama in May - that's only a 3 hour drive for me.  "No doubt our paths will cross again!"

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