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August 5 - 11 – Does royalty have it any better than the rest of us? If the life of the legendary King Arthur is any clue, no. He is terrified of meeting his betrothed. His best friend seduces his wife. His son schemes against him. And Merlin, his most trusted advisor, disappears when Arthur needs him most. Even in the age of chivalry and enchantment, it takes more courage to love than to joust.

From August 5 through 11, Music Circus favorite Paul Schoeffler returns as King Arthur in "CAMELOT", after appearing as The King of Siam in "The King and I" and Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady" in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Previously, he starred on Broadway, in the national tour and in the television broadcast as the nefarious Captain Hook in "Peter Pan" with Cathy Rigby. Guenevere will be played by Patricia Ben Peterson, who returns after playing Cinderella in last summer's "Into the Woods." James Clow will play Lancelot. He last appeared in Sacramento as the fiery South Carolinian Edward Rutledge in "1776." William McCauley, who was the mysterious Narrator in last summer's "Into the Woods" and the fatherly Col. Pickering in "My Fair Lady" will play the dual roles (both mysterious and fatherly) of Pellinore and Merlin. The company will also include Jeff Juday as Mordred. "Camelot's" director will be John DeLuca, its choreographer Bob Richard and its musical director Craig Barna.

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