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  • The Berkshire Eagle
    James Clow, who commands the stage with his performance as South Carolina delegate, Edward Rutledge, especially in the fierce, pungent 'Molasses to Rum' which exposes the hypocrisy of the northern attitude toward slaves when northern businessmen benefite from the very slave trade that their delegates are trying to eliminate."
  • The Times Union
    Clow is grand as the fiery aristocratic Rutledge"...

    James Clow brings down the house as a representative from the South who delivers a sneering harangue of Yankee hypocrisy, willing to profit from slavery but unwilling to dirty their hands."
  • The Advocate
    "Powerhouse Number - The haunting and rousing 'Molasses to Rum' haunting and rousingly rendered by
    James Clow as Edward Rutledge. 'Yea' all the way."
  • Metroland
    "As Edward Rutledge and Richard Henry Lee,
    James Clow and Burke Moses bring the house down with songs of impassioned pleas and pomposity, respectively."
  • North Adams Transcript
    "Kudos can also be given to
    James Clow for his presentation of the stuffy, proper delegate Edward Rutledge from South Carolina who won't sign the Declaration of Independence unless the clause setting all slaves free is removed.  His musical number 'Molasses to Rum' is stirring and evocative."
  • Variety
    "Equally powerfull are the newcomers, a number of them from contempory Broadway.  Notable are...
    James Clow's impassioned Edward Rutledge."

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